Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Take Out, Time Out Mat

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you have heard of Jo the Super Nanny. From the start of her tv series on ABC, she has taught the parents to be consistent with a time out spot.

For busy moms on the run, this can be tough to do at times. Where do you put them in time out when you’re shopping? At the Grandparents? The park? Let me introduce you to the Take Out, Time Out Mat.

It is a 20 inch circular rubber mat with a fabric top that is bright in color – almost resembling a target. The Take Out, Time Out Mat is great for use in the house as well as on the go. Being consistent now doesn’t mean you have to place your child in the same one spot in your house, but you can place them on the same mat wherever you may be. It is able to be folded up and placed in a purse, backpack or diaper bag. While you’re in the house, place the mat where the child will still be within your sight. Cooking, place them on the mat in the kitchen or dining area where you can keep an eye on them. In the living room? Again, place them in view on the same mat. Going to the park or Grandparents? Pack the mat up with you. When needed, pull it out and place the child on the mat. Same rules apply no matter where you go; keep the same mat and the same time limits as you would at home.

Even Kelly Ripa uses the Take Out, Time Out Mat. She says “Take Out Time Out is my new traveling naughty mat. It works, I swear! And my children do not know that they can get out of it.”

I received this mat about a month ago and have began using it with my son. I don’t leave the mat sitting out all day. When my son acts up, I tell him that I will bring out the mat as a warning. So far his response has been well. He knows that if he continues doing something “naughty” that the mat will be brought out for a time out.

If you are an on the go parent, or just looking for a specific time out routine, I do highly recommend you visiting My Precious Kid to grab yourself a Take Out, Time Out Mat.


Disclaimer: My Precious Kid provided me with a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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