Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mutt Mad - Classy Bowtie for the Pups

At the end of September, we got a Boxer pup for our family. Ryder is now a 5 month old male, fawn boxer with white markings + black face mask. He's extremely kid friendly + has made an excellent addition to the household! About two weeks ago, we ended up with another boxer, Miss Daisy that is 8 weeks old now; she's white with fawn colored ears. If you have a boxer, you know this breed grows fairly quickly.

We have already purchased two collars for Ryder. The first he out grew quickly so we had no choice but to upgrade. We were about to have to upgrade again, then the opportunity to review MuttMad's Bow tie Collar + Bow tie Collar Cover came up!

From Mutt Mad: The dog bow tie collar is great for special events. And the dog bow tie collar covers are sleeves that you slip the collar into in order that the dog can still wear a collar but this makes the collar far more formal!

MuttMad - Bowtie Collar MuttMad Gear    MuttMad - Bowtie Collar Cover

Black Dog Collar with Couture Bowtie
Ryder is sporting the dog collar with couture bow tie in black. The bow tie is attached to the collar very securely. Even when Ryder has pawed at it before getting use to it, it stayed put. I was worried he'd find a way to tear it off but he couldn't. The collar is a simple clip for quick removal + ease of putting on. Ryder has plenty of room to grow into this collar as well!

Dog Bow Tie Collar Cover
Miss Daisy is showing off the dog bow tie collar cover in red. This was sized specially for Ryder who is quite larger than Miss Daisy is. However, I was able to easily slip Miss Daisy's collar into the collar cover + clip her collar back on her. There is a little bit of bunching (excess fabric) while she wears this one, but I wanted to show you all how versatile this cover was. As simple as it is to put on, it's just as quick to remove when needed to wash!

I would highly recommend Mutt Mad products for your dog. They were very customer service friendly, from help in sizing for the collars to quick shipping! Visit Mutt Mad, the dog lovers marketplace at or on Facebook for more dog accessories.


Disclaimer: Mutt Mad provided me with a free product in return for my honest opinion.

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  1. Such a handsome boy! Gorgeous little sister! I absolutely love boxers. They are just like kids and oh, so loveable. They both look addorable in their bowtie collars. I didn't even know they made such things. Thanks for sharing!


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