Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bright Star Kids: School Labels

My son was excited to receive his School name labels kit in the mail this week. He loves his stickers + makes his claim around the house. When ordering the name labels, I was able to personalize them to my liking. My little man's favorite color is red so I chose that. And for some of the labels, theirs a place for an icon. We chose robots as he really likes those too (what 6 year old doesn't?).

FROM BRIGHT STAR KIDS: Stop your kid's school things getting lost or mixed up with our School Labels Value Kit! You'll get all the labels you'll need for all your kid's school belongings, including labels for books, bottles, shoes and clothing.

Safe to Use Stick On Labels in Dishwashers, Microwaves, Sterilisers + Freezers. Safe to Use Clothing Labels in Washing Machines + Tumble Driers.

School Labels Value Kit includes a variety of Stick On & Clothing Labels:
  • 10 x Large Stick-on Labels for book bags, books, lunch boxes + other big items
  • 30 x Small Stick-on Labels for water bottles and other smaller items
  • 8 pairs x Round Shoe Labels
  • 80 x Tiny Stick-on Labels for crayons, pencils, soothers and other tiny things
  • 30 x Regular Iron On Clothing Tags for all their t-shirts, socks, undies + more

If you have a little one in school or daycare, goes on night / weekend trips with other kids of the same age, the Name Label kits are a great way to claim all their items. Visit Bright Star Kids website and LIKE them on Facebook. Tell them Simply Random Reviews sent you!


Disclaimer: Bright Star Kids provided me with a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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